Grumpy Old B******’s World

I was previously running a Bukkit server and after playing on a Feed the Beast server I decided to convert mine. Not wanting to lose what we had already built in creative mode over the years, I converted the existing server files (in the slide show above.)

Since there were only a few of us on the server playing in survival mode, we decided to go with one shared ME system. The end goal was/is for it to go HAL 9000 or Skynet on us. 😀 Below is a partial spec list of what we have added to the ME system. Built in survival mode by myself, Bella, and Ajay.

  • ME Core – 7x7x7 ME controller block core. Relocated and upgraded on 1-29-2017.
  • Twenty 4096k Fluid Storage.
  • Eighty 16384k Storage.
  • Twenty 64K Essentia storage cells.
  • 154 Deep storage units (old screenshot).
  • Ten Quantum links in use, one carrying 1024 channels.
  • Three energized nodes.
  • Three advanced alchemical furnaces.
  • Two infernal furnaces.
  • Eight alchemical constructs. All crucible crafting recipes are available for craft on demand except nuggets.
  • Eight essentia types created on demand.
  • Two arcane assemblers.
  • 160 molecular assemblers with 160 interfaces (in 4x4x4 setups) (old screenshot).
  • Fifty seven laser drills.
  • Twenty eight draconic chests dedicated to ore processing.
  • SAG mills, pulverizers, furnaces, draconic chests, etc. for crafting and processing.
  • Three complete inscriber setups for each processor type.
  • Nine crafting CPUs with 128k storage.
  • Three Crafting CPUs with 3.3M storage.
  • Over 1023 patterns for craft on demand, including all largest storage unit types, cryo-stabilzed fluxducts, and anything else we hate making.
  • Partial integration to the runic matrix from th ME system.
  • Essentia storage monitors for all essentia types. Replaced essentia storage monitors with essentia conversion monitors on 2-11-2017.
  • A grocery store with over 1500 storage monitors.
  • One ME controlled powered spawner that spawns eldritch guardians (with mob grinder) when we need ethereal essence.
  • ME controlled spawners for Blaze, Zombie, Blizz, Basalz, Taint spore spawner, Magma Cube, Wisp, Ghast, Slime, and Wither skeleton (All with mob grinders).
  • Current most plentiful item stored: Redstone, over 150 million. Forty one items are over 1 million.
  • Six wireless access points with range of 528 meters each.
  • Power fed by four reactors powering 64 turbines (current power draw 1.1MRF) It should be noted that we doubled turbine output power in the configs. They are underpowered when compared to ultimate solar panels, which can be crafted on demand through the ME system.
  • Ore processing capacity well over 1 million blocks per day.
  • ME controlled Wither boss spawner for nether stars on demand.
  • and much more…….

RF tools dimlet worlds, partial list. Some are only online when needed.

  • Iron ore world
  • Lead ore world
  • Redstone world
  • Lapis world
  • Draconium ore world (314K draconium ingots in storage)

You may be asking yourself why at this point. The answer is simple. Because we can. More pictures coming soon.