The Bash Enigma FAQ


1. Are you guys crazy?

The Magic 8 Ball says…….

2. Does it really work?

Yes, it will decode Abwehr G-260, Abwehr G-312, Commercial D, Commercial K-470, Heer(Army/GAF), M3, M4, Norway, Polish Clone, Railway, Swiss K, and Tirpitz Enigma encoded messages.

3. Has it been tested?

Yes, we have tested the Abwehr G-312 against the [1]CSG simulator. The Heer, M3 and M4 against several original German messages, compared it to the output of an [2]Enigma-E. The Railway against the [3]CSG simulator. The Tirpitz against the [4]Risc OS Simulator Other models will be tested soon, we do not expect any problems.

4. Why Bash?

To show the power and flexiblity of bash scripts.

5. I have an idea for the script, will you put it in?

Maybe. It depends on the idea or change. I am much less likely to put it in if you have modified the config files. These files are used by other enigma
projects that I am working on and I don’t want to have to recode those. There will eventually set up a feature request/idea page.

6. I modified the script and it doesn’t work anymore, can you help me?

Maybe, but we will send the answers encoded with random machine settings. 🙂

7. The script blows up with all kinds of errors when I run it. What’s wrong?

Check your command line options carefully. There is minimal error checking at this point and incorrect settings drive the script nuts. More error checking will be added later.

8. I still can’t get it to work, can you help?

Sure! Try some of the following settings. Then try changing one at a time till you get the hang of it. Just remember to replace with the version you are running.

Heeres (Army/GAF) Mode: -M M3 -r AAA -m AAA -w 123 -s QAZXSWEDCVFRTGBNHYUJMKIOLP -u B
Enigma M3 Mode: -M M3 -r AAA -m AAA -w 456 -s AXWDVRGNYJKO -u B
Enigma M4 Mode: -M M4 -r AAAA -m AAAA -w B123 -s QWASZXERDFCV -u C
Enigma Railway mode: -M R -r AAAA -m AAAA -w 123 -u R
Abwehr Enigma Mode: -M A -r ASZX -m TRSD -w 312 -u A
Tirpitz Mode: -M T -r RFWS -m GFSD -w 123 -u T


5. file://localhost/home/david/hvpw/htdocs/enigma/index.html